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Hans Erik Misser ApS

Builds on 20 years of experience in manufacturing, delivery and servicing of electrical and electronic equipment to the Jakobsen Surface Grinders. Hans Erik Misser ApS offer Repair, Delivery of exchange units or servicing of all electronic equipment for these machines, also at the customers premises where the machine are placed.

A good part of this service is also offered and performed outside of Denmark, if needed.

Hans Erik Misser ApS only works with product where the documental basis are available, but works on the goal to be a specialist on these products.

Hans Erik Misser ApS have taken over Service and Spare Part delivery for the Railway Wheel Monitoring System manufactured by ØDS Caltronic A/S,This system is used by DSB S-tog among other Railway Companies,

· Hans Erik Misser ApS ·
· Office: Grønningen 56, 4220 Korsør, Denmark ·
· Phone +45 40 74 56 41 · Fax +45 58 37 16 04 ·
· E-mail: hem@misser.com · Web: www.misser.com ·